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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More 2012 Wedding Trends

Today I have been doing more homework for the upcoming 2012 Wedding Season Trends
. . .and truth be known the 2013 Trends are already being compiled!

Weddings are no different than the technology we use everyday with our computers, phones, tablets, etc. -- it is changing daily! So whether you want to be a trendsetter or timeless bride . . . there is a look and style for you.

This time of year is known for Bridal & Wedding Expos because during the holiday season 'The Love Bug' has been very busy bringing couples together who have decided to take the journey of a lifetime and now are ready to plan their Wedding. During consultations I'm asked what is 'hot and what is not' for the coming year. Well I can honestly say that after spending time today conducting my own 2012 Wedding Trend Research I have come away with this!

The 'talk' from one set of wedding floral designer experts is that this year we will see floral designs taking on a softer appearance -- the pastels will be back and be 'popped' with feathers, gems and all sorts of bling.

Someone else will use a system that puts bouquets into categories:
The Playful Bouquet which they describe as a kaleidoscope of colors that are playful and bright -- hot pink, bright yellows, blues, etc. and will break with tradition to convey an atmosphere of fun!

Next they list the Romantic Bouquet -- no need to give this one further explanation .. a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

Moving forward . . . we go to 'The Green Earth Friendly' Bouquet . . now this category does not just mean bouquets in the green palette, but also that the material used is grown organically/sustainably and incorporate elements of the Earth.

And last but not least is the category of 'The Passionate' bouquet. It has withstood the test of time -- a classic red rose bouquet that has always been a symbol of love and passion

As I researched on I found a floral designer school of thought that relied completely upon texture as the defining trend for 2012!

Not that there is anything wrong with this ... but to be fair ... on the other side of the 2012 predictors you will find that today's modern bride wants more -- they love a neutral palette that they can use to bring their personality and style into play with their color choices and I think you will continue to see bold colors especially since Pantone chose 'Tangerine Tango' as their color choice for 2012.

One thing is for certain in 2012 you can see the hand-tied bouquet remains the most popular choice!

Now one more 2012 Pearl! When it comes to trends we are going to see more lace and that Victorian & Vintage look will be a trendsetter this year, up and to including the shoes. Why? Well in 2011 we had some high profile Weddings that range from Kate Middleton to Kate Moss. Both of them were gorgeous in their classic styles.

But I think the most important thing to remember is that this is YOUR Wedding and your decisions should be based on what pleases you for your special day. If it's flip flops and sand castles on the beach then go for it. But whatever you decide make sure it makes you smile!

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