'Flowers are love's truest language' . . . Park Benjamin

I began this Blog to share beautiful photos, inspirational thoughts and maybe a tidbit or two that you will want to pass onto to someone else. No one does 'pretty' better than Mother Nature .... Welcome and I hope you stop in often!

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I have always been a 'dreamer' and I think that is the most important quality a person can have in order to be creative. It allows me to view things from all sorts of angles. Whenever I would design for a wedding/special event I made myself 'think like a photographer' and in my mind's eye I wanted to be able to showcase various colors, elements & textures. At the end of 2012 I closed the doors to my Floral Studio and began pursuing new horizons. Flowers and plants have been a part of my life since I was a child and helped my Dad in the garden. Seeds have always fascinated me and one day I will share my 'Lesson Of the Bean' story with you! My other passion is creating beautiful food to share with family and friends -- I have always said that food and flowers go together. For now, I would like this Blog to be a collection of Pretty things that this Dreamer would like to share with all of you!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

'To Fool Or Not To Fool!!!'

Happy April Fool's Day!!! Why single out the first day of April to dream up what sort of 'sneaky' thing we can pull on someone so we can have the 'satisfaction' of experiencing that 'Gotcha' moment!!!

Well I'm not going to give you a history lesson on the who, what, where or why about April 1st and why they call it 'Fools Day' . . . that would be taking all the 'fun' out of this great event.

I LOVE April Fools Day . . . maybe because I am the daughter of one of the 'Biggest Fools' as he affectionately referred to himself -- you see my Dad, Julius, was born on April Fools Day.

Can you imagine this day as your Birthday . . .

. . . think about it . . . you are a 'sitting' duck ... everyone would be out to 'get the birthday guy or gal' -- who wouldn't want the bragging rights to have pulled the best prank of the day. Well in our home, my Dad was the prankster. NO ONE ever got the upper hand with him --

He lived up to his reputation of being an April Fools Baby and was VERY PROUD OF IT!

So Happy Birthday Dad --

you may no longer be with us .... but I can feel your smile as I remember all the 'gags' you pulled off to make YOUR Birthday special . . . thanks for the great memories!