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I have always been a 'dreamer' and I think that is the most important quality a person can have in order to be creative. It allows me to view things from all sorts of angles. Whenever I would design for a wedding/special event I made myself 'think like a photographer' and in my mind's eye I wanted to be able to showcase various colors, elements & textures. At the end of 2012 I closed the doors to my Floral Studio and began pursuing new horizons. Flowers and plants have been a part of my life since I was a child and helped my Dad in the garden. Seeds have always fascinated me and one day I will share my 'Lesson Of the Bean' story with you! My other passion is creating beautiful food to share with family and friends -- I have always said that food and flowers go together. For now, I would like this Blog to be a collection of Pretty things that this Dreamer would like to share with all of you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Majesty of Autumn

Most people use calendars to keep track of time but as a Floral Designer, I like to use Flowers . . and you can always tell when Autumn is here because there is no other Season that can burst forth in the majestic colors of Fall!!!

This past weekend I was surrounded by this beauty while I created designs for Kayla and Matt's outdoor Wedding which took place at the picturesque 'Meadows' Event Facility in Hellertown, PA. This venue is surrounded by a stream, stone bridge and mature landscaping which I am sure provided Kelly, from Paula Galante Photography, a feast for her camera lens.

It's true the recent weather has been a wee bit dreary, heavily laden with cloud cover which kept us very moist from the constant 'pop up' showers, but on Saturday, the rain stopped, the warm sunshine burst through and added the 'special effects lighting' to showcase these colorful seasonal bouquets.

What I especially like about this design is the use of three different shades of Asiatic lilies which were an image of perfection blended with berries and preserved Fall leaves.

When you are planning your Fall Event . . don't be shy when it comes to color . . that is what this wonderful Season is all about!

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