'Flowers are love's truest language' . . . Park Benjamin

I began this Blog to share beautiful photos, inspirational thoughts and maybe a tidbit or two that you will want to pass onto to someone else. No one does 'pretty' better than Mother Nature .... Welcome and I hope you stop in often!

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I have always been a 'dreamer' and I think that is the most important quality a person can have in order to be creative. It allows me to view things from all sorts of angles. Whenever I would design for a wedding/special event I made myself 'think like a photographer' and in my mind's eye I wanted to be able to showcase various colors, elements & textures. At the end of 2012 I closed the doors to my Floral Studio and began pursuing new horizons. Flowers and plants have been a part of my life since I was a child and helped my Dad in the garden. Seeds have always fascinated me and one day I will share my 'Lesson Of the Bean' story with you! My other passion is creating beautiful food to share with family and friends -- I have always said that food and flowers go together. For now, I would like this Blog to be a collection of Pretty things that this Dreamer would like to share with all of you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sea Daffodils

They call them 'Sea Daffodils' . . Pancratium maritimum!!! Now those of you who have had the joy of studying Latin as a language (I had 4 years of it -- don't ask) but the great part about having this pearl of knowledge is the fact that English word roots come from a lot of Latin words and the maritimum in the Sea Daffodils 'botanical name' gives it's habitat away . . they grow on sandy beaches but this gorgeous bulb is endangered because of the development of the beaches for the sake of tourism!
I had the good fortune to be gifted a basket full of these wonderful bulbs by my Garden Friend, Mary! I must phone her to let her know that mine have just bloomed . . I wish you could smell their fragrance is ethereal! So if you have the chance and you see these beauties . . pick some up to add to your garden . . the bulbs are not hardy in our Pennsylvania Winters so they must be dug and stored. I am told the bulbs multiply very quickly and I am looking forward to that!!! Must go back out to the porch to get another 'sniff' of these gorgeous blooms while they are still have their morning glow!


  1. What a gorgeous looking flower. I live in Florida, so I suspect it would survive the winter here - does it make a good cut flower? It looks a little bit like a cross between a lily and an amaryllis.

  2. Thank You 'Amaryllis' for your comment and for visiting my Blog . .glad you stopped by! These flower bulbs are Hardy to Zones 8-10 so you may be OK where you are in Florida. They make great cut flowers and your observation is correct . . their bulb and leaves are very similar to those of an Amaryllis but they 'one up' them by being oh so fragrant!!!
    Hope you can find some for your garden to enjoy!